What I would like to see in YA

So, I have been reading a lot lately. A lot, A lot.

So much so that this:


Was my birthday present from my hubby. To carry all the books I leave with on each visit. Seriously, I love it. Link included if you want to get your own: Here

So, what am I getting sick of seeing in YA and what would I like to see more of?

Well there in lies the crux.

I have loved a lot of what I have been reading. Some I could have seriously done without. But I am getting sick of the damsel in distress who is supposed to be the heroine. Why does the male protagonist have to come to the rescue all. the. time.

Why can’t she just be strong on her own? Why can’t she save him? Yeah, that. I want more this.

Also, the insta lurve.

I mean really. Show me how it progresses. Not just: “I saw him, and he was gorgeous, and there was a strong pull, and I knew. Knew. We were meant to be. I love him.”

Come on.

It’s never love at first sight. It’s really not. A connection, sure. Things in common, yeah. But love immediately? Not likely.

I want to see the progress. I want to see the initial feelings and watch them grow. I want to be as involved in them getting together and staying that way. I want to feel it. And I want to know why. Not something superficial, I want to know something deeper that’s driving them to be together.

You can attain this without slowing down the story. I’ve seen it done. It’s just not done enough. Again, do more this.

And finally, one of my more recent gripes based on my recent reading torrent.

If it’s a series, I know there will be some questions left unanswered. I get that. But each book should stand on it’s own. Answer most of the questions at the end. Leave some unanswered to make me want to continue the series, but not everything.

I recently finished reading a book and NOTHING was answered. All of the questions raised were not addressed. The plot was not fulfilled. And there are TWO more books in the series. When I finished it I was left very unfulfilled, disappointed, and angry. So much so, that I will not be continuing the series. And I am an avid reader and loyal series follower.

Mainly because knowing there are two more, I’m afraid the second book will do the same and nothing will be answered until the final book. Which does not make me want to continue.

Why would I read something that’s going to leave me disappointed and angry?

Exactly. Stop doing this.

Ok, so that’s it for my rant on what I would like to see more of in YA. How about you? What would you like to see more of? Less of?

2 thoughts on “What I would like to see in YA

  1. I think you really got it right here! The whole teenage love story is always portrayed as immediate love, but I agree with you. I’d really like to see them build their relationship realistically after she saves him. 😉


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