Writing Dreams

It’s five am. The house is quiet and dark. The only sounds are those of the ruffling blankets when the kids shift in their beds. I sneak to the office, cursing the squeaky floor board and say a silent prayer it doesn’t wake anyone in the house up.

Lowering myself into my desk chair I press the power button to my computer. It roars to life with a flash of light and the woosh of the hard drive that sounds like an airplane about to take off. Yeah, I need a new computer. Dark-Office-300x200

The room illuminates with blues, reds, greens as the screen flickers and soon I’m ready to get started. Fingers flying across the keyboard, words flowing as if the muse has me in a stranglehold and refuses to let go until I have these last details down.

I lean back in my seat and let out a sigh of gratitude and amazement. three thousand words in under an hour. They are all perfect, and beautiful, and no editing needed.

And then.

I wake up.

This is a dream I have over and over. When I seem to be stuck on a scene or a chapter. I wake up and struggle to remember what I wrote in my dream. I reach for my journal that sits next to my bed to scribble it down as fast as I can. Reaching for anything that may come through.

I think, most writers have dreams like these. Sometimes they’re nightmares, sometimes they’re not. Like this one.

As a writer I tend to draw inspiration from everything around me. The way my daughter says something, or an expression she makes. The way my son almost gives me a heart attack sometimes. And even dreams I have, in which sometimes my characters come through and tell me what they want.

This dream though? Is unlikely to come true. If only for the reason that I cannot, for whatever reason, get myself up at five am. I never hear the alarm. But maybe parts of it will.

How about you? Do you have dreams like this? Even if it’s not about writing. It can be about anything, a passion you have, a goal you want to accomplish. Let’s hear ’em.

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