Author Assistant Services

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I provide support for Authors.

I know how hard it is to juggle everything. To feel like you don’t have enough time in a day. Did you respond to that email? Are the bookmarks done? Were the advance copies sent out? Did you follow up with the reviewers? Oh, and on top of that, how’s the writing of that next book coming along?

I’ve been there. That is why I am now offering my services to other Authors. From proof reading to editing to scheduling blog tours. From concept to publication, I will be there for you.

Here are the services I offer:

On their own:

  • Consulting: Need a general overview of your story? Is it flowing? Is it dragging? Need help over the phone? Skype? Want to just pick my brain, ask questions? This is for you. Cost 100.00 per session of up to one hour.
  • Social Media Training: You know you need it but no idea where to start? I can walk you through it. I have spent the last year split testing social media campaigns. Cost 100.00 per one hour session.



Rates are 35.00 an hour with a 3 hour minimum per month.

Office Support

  • Author page creation and management
  • Create and manage calendar
  • Blog Services
    • Ghostwrite or edit
    • Create and maintain posting schedule
    • Approve/Deny Comments on posts
    • Manage spammers
  • Newsletter, creation and distribution (via mailchimp)
    • Account Set up
    • Fan base Maintenance
    • Ghostwrite or Edit
    • Create and maintain schedule
  • Bookkeeping for Authors, In my pre-Author life I spent ten years in accounting and taxes. I even wrote and published a book on Tax resolution. I can help you:
    • Wrangle your finances
    • Ensure you are all set up and ready come tax time
    • Regular Monthly expense reports
  • Interviews, submitted
  • Press Release creation and distribution

Book Support: 

  • Beta Reading
  • Structure Assistance
  • Plotting Assistance
  • Editing
  • Research


  • Check and respond to emails (per your direction)
  • Organize your inbox so that you’re not overwhelmed
  • Respond to General questions:
    • Regarding release dates, book tours, future book plans
    • Direct Bloggers and reviewers for ARC requests


  • Run Promotions
  • Create and Manage Street Team
  • Create and Manage Book Release/Launch Team
  • Brainstorm and Implement marketing campaigns
  • Run Contests
    • Create sign up
    • Promote while the contest is “Live”
    • Sort through the entries
    • Choose winners


  • Facebook Header
  • Twitter Header
  • Bookmarks


  • Maintain your content posting for:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest

Promotional Mailing:

  • Send out of gift or review books
  • Label, Package, Write Cover letters for promotional items
  • I go to the post office so you don’t have to!

Submission Package for Pre-Published Authors:

  • Query letter development, proofreading, and editing
  • Synopsis development, proofreading, and editing
  • Book Proposals
  • Literary Agent research
  • Managing query process and any additional follow-up
  • Maintaining database of contact dates and responses


Payment is due before services are rendered. All payments are made via paypal.

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