Monday Motivation and Humor

This is starting to become one of my favorite days. Sharing the funny or motivational images on reading or writing I found throughout the week before. Really, I look forward to it.

I hope you all find it amusing as well.

Sometimes, if I’m stuck writing, or on my lunch break, I look up funny memes for reading and writing, as well as motivational ones. I started doing this just to release stress and laugh, because let’s face it, that’s essential.

But now I get to share what I laugh at with you all, and that makes it even better.

So here are the ones I found last week.

Monday Motivation & Humor

Good Monday Morning! It’s that time again. To wake up, jump out of bed, and skip off to the start of your day. No? Not that?

Well, if you’re feeling groggy, uninspired, or just in need of something to make you laugh, I hope the images below do just that.

Here are my Monday Motivation and Humor images for the writer and reader this week:


Monday Motivation & Humor

Good Monday Morning!

I will admit, I was a little slow moving this morning. Not really wanting to get out of bed. It didn’t feel like I had a weekend we had so much to do. All I wanted to do was stay in my bed and pretend it was Sunday.

Unfortunately, when you are a grown up and have bills to pay, that’s not really possible. So I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, and headed to my office.

So here I sit. But, while browsing over the images I was going to share, I found my mood lightening, my body waking up, and just feeling better.

Which, is why I thought humor and motivations on Monday’s would be a great way to start the week. So here we go, a few funny and motivational images for the writers and readers.


Monday Motivation & Humor

Fireworks night sky

Happy Fourth of July! For those of you in the US.

I have decided to start something new. Previously, I had just been blogging about whatever popped into my head. No real structure other than knowing I wanted to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And so far, I have been good at keeping that schedule.

But I needed something. Some structure to my schedule. Something so that I always knew what I was going to blog about when I sat down to do it.

So here it is.

Mondays: Motivation & Humor

Wednesdays: Writing Tips I have picked up

Fridays: A writers life.

That’s my plan for now. But since blogging is an ever changing thing, this, over time, may change as well. For now though, this is my plan, and I hope everyone enjoys!

Now, onto the motivation and humor portion of this post!