Monday Motivation and Humor

This is starting to become one of my favorite days. Sharing the funny or motivational images on reading or writing I found throughout the week before. Really, I look forward to it.

I hope you all find it amusing as well.

Sometimes, if I’m stuck writing, or on my lunch break, I look up funny memes for reading and writing, as well as motivational ones. I started doing this just to release stress and laugh, because let’s face it, that’s essential.

But now I get to share what I laugh at with you all, and that makes it even better.

So here are the ones I found last week.

Monday Motivation & Humor

Good Monday Morning! It’s that time again. To wake up, jump out of bed, and skip off to the start of your day. No? Not that?

Well, if you’re feeling groggy, uninspired, or just in need of something to make you laugh, I hope the images below do just that.

Here are my Monday Motivation and Humor images for the writer and reader this week:


Book & Writing Humor

So, I love reading, that’s no secret. I love writing, that’s no secret either.

What is a secret? I waste countless seconds, minutes, hours on reading and laughing at memes about reading and writing.

I’m sure a lot of bookworms and authors do this, so it’s not something shocking. But today, I thought I would share some that I just find funny and I like. Some that I feel are “Just oh so me” and some that make others laugh.

So here we go, enjoy.